Free The Embrace of the Valkyries Alan Lake 2019

The Embrace of the Valkyries

Alan Lake / 2019 / 16 min. / Canada / Film without speech


Through The Embrace of the Valkyries, Alan Lake continues the symbolist epic begun with The film Ravages. In a variation of solos thought for his long-time collaborators, he advances not on his intimate territories, but on those of the interpreters. The piece shows a series of portraits revealing the moving layers of their interior landscapes, and this, in a multidisciplinary approach that combines dance, visual arts and cinema. These stories and fantasies are magnified beyond human experience, contributing to the enrichment of Lake's own language and mythology.

Cast & Crew

Choregraphy: Alan Lake avec la collaboration des interprètes

Cinematographer: François Gamache

Music: Antoine Berthiaume

Artistic director: Etienne Baillargeon

Editor: Jason Arbour

Cast: David Rancourt, Esther Rousseau-Morin, Arielle Warnke St-Pierre, Fabien Piché

Production: Alan Lake Factorie







Alan Lake is a performer, choreographer, director and visual artist. He studied visual arts for five years (DEC and BAC in visual arts). He undertakes and obtains his technical DEC in Dance-performance in 2007 at the Quebec Dance School.

Since 2007, Alan Lake has joined the companies: Harold Rhéaume's son, Adrien dances in NU, Jumeaux - a co-creation with the French choreographer Yvann Alexandre - and in the creation: Fluid, all as a performer. He participates in the first Grand Continental of Sylvain Émard Danse. He is an interpreter for Dana Gingras - Animal of Distinction in a video clip of Arcade Fire. It will be Adrian Rheaume’s son next work of the Rheaume White Partitions.


Ravages / 22 min.

Jardin-Catastrophes / 17 min.


- 2019 -
In presentation | Festival de Cinéma de la Ville de Québec, Canada
In competition | CineDanse Ottawa, Canada
In competition | DanceScreen, Austria

- 2020 -
In competition | Dance@30fps, USA
In competition | Festival International du Film sur l'Art, Canada
In competition | Experimental, Dance & Music Film Festival, Canada
In competition | Cinedans - Dance on Screen Festival, The Netherlands
In competition | Frame Rush, UK
In competition | Festival Cultural de Mayo en Jalisco, Mexico
Best Film | Experimental Dance & Music Film Festival, USA
Best Film in Dance | Kadoma International Films Festival, Japan
In competition | Choreoscope - The International Dance Film Festival of Barcelona, Spain
In competition | Thessaloniki Cinedance International, Greece
In competition | Bucharest International Dance Film Festival, Romania
In competition | Aesthetica Short Film Festival, UK
In competition | Spring Dancefilm Festival, Spain
In competition | InShadow Festival, Portugal
In competition | Saint Petersburg International Film Festival (SPIFF), Russia

- 2021
In competition | Plein(s) Écran(s), online
In competition | Cinedans – Dance on Screen, Netherlands
In competition | Journées du cinéma québécois en Italie, Italy
In competition | Rendez-Vous Québec Cinéma, Canada
In competition | Festival Internazionale del Cinema d'Arte, Italy


- 2020 -
Best Film | Experimental Dance & Music Film Festival, USA
Best Film in Dance | Kadoma International Films Festival, Japan


Photo Gallery -  The Embrace of the Valkyries Alan Lake 2019
Photo Gallery -  The Embrace of the Valkyries Alan Lake 2019
Photo Gallery -  The Embrace of the Valkyries Alan Lake 2019
Photo Gallery -  The Embrace of the Valkyries Alan Lake 2019
Photo Gallery -  The Embrace of the Valkyries Alan Lake 2019

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