Spira offers support to members in the form of production equipment rental services, access to its postproduction suite, and individual assistance if needed. Independent short, medium-length and feature film projects of all categories (fiction, experimental, documentary, installation, etc.) are welcomed. Series projects may also be submitted to the La Collaboration program. All projects must be independent. Members must submit their project, which will be evaluated by a reading committee. Upon project selection, members only pay 5%* or 10%* of the production equipment rental rate, and they can rent the postproduction suite at the La Collaboration or La Collaboration micro-budget special rates.



Projects can be submitted at all times.
The turnaround time is 12 working days for short films and 20 working days for medium-length and feature films as well as webseries. Short film projects must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the first equipment rental. Medium-length and feature films as well as webseries projects must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the first equipment rental.



Please download our project submission kit. It contains all the information you need to prepare your application, which will be analyzed by our reading committee. The submission kit has been updated in March 2021. Make sure to use the up-to-date documents and instructions. Feel free to contact the artistic director if you have any question.



To foster innovation and exploration, Spira accepts spontaneous requests for equipment rental at a 95% discount rate and access to the postproduction suite at privileged rates for one-time needs. This type of support may be requested for formal research projects, equipment testing, research interviews or other cinematographic explorations.

Spontaneous requests are open to Spira members who have either completed a project supported by the La Collaboration program or taken part in a collective project, or have a film distributed by Spira.

This type of support is valid for 4 equipment rental periods of 3 days each per year.
To apply, send a short project description by email to the artistic director. The application must be sent at least three weeks prior to the first equipment rental.


Première Ovation − Cinéma is intended for the emerging filmmakers of Québec City and Wendake. The management of the program is delegated to Spira, who works with a jury of professionals from the film community for the evaluation of the applications.

For all the details of the program, please visit the Première Ovation website.
The projects selected for Première Ovation automatically benefit from a 90% or 95% discount on our production equipment rental rates, as well as from the La Collaboration or La Collaboration micro-budget rates on our postproduction suite, in accordance with the conditions of the La Collaboration program.


You need to rent production equipment for an independent project that does not fit in one of our programs? You are a Spira member? You have access to a discount up to 40% on equipment rental as well as to our Member artistic project rate for the postproduction suite.


5. ORganizations Discount


Artistic organizations benefit from a 50% to 70% discount (depending on the type of project) on equipment rental rates for their artistic projects.


Community organizations benefit from a discount up to 90% on rental rates for projects that require production or postproduction equipment.

Contact our artistic director for more information.


Spira encourages artists of the following communities to submit their projects:
• cultural diversity communities;
• deaf or disabled communities;
• official language minority communities;
• Native communities;
• LGBTQ2+ communities.

Because of Spira’s history and long-time commitment to women, and because they remain underrepresented in filmmaking and media arts, they are considered a priority group. As Spira’s priority mandate is to support artists from the Capitale-Nationale and from regions, they are also considered a priority group.


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