Arising from the merger of Spirafilm and Vidéo Femmes in 2015, Spira is a cooperative that supports and fosters creation and production in independent filmmaking, and distributes film works to ensure their promotion in Canada and abroad.


Four core values, dear to the coop, are put forward on a daily basis and through various actions, in the elaboration of projects, in the selection of supported productions, and most of all, in the relationship with members and the public.

Spira is about: equity, openness, rigour, and collaboration.


Spira is a cooperative devoted to independent filmmaking, born in 2015 from the merger of Spirafilm and Vidéo Femmes, which had both been around for nearly 40 years. Spira’s core mission is to support the production and distribution of independent films, whether short or feature. Each year, about thirty works benefit from its various creation support programs, including its well-sought-after equipment rental program. Spira also distributes documentaries and fictions on various Canadian and foreign markets, including festivals, theatrical, television, the web, etc. The coop contributes to the dynamism and development of the cinematographic community in Québec City by offering training activities, master classes, collective projects, and networking activities. Fostering the public’s interest in cinema is also part of the coop’s objectives. That is why Spira sets up screening events throughout the year, in various venues in Québec City, in collaboration with festivals and local organizations. Films from its catalogue of over 300 titles are now available for online streaming.

Spira’s mandate is the following: 

  • Stimulating and structuring the field of independent filmmaking in Québec City.
  • Offering the required resources for filmmaking and for the promotion of its members’ media arts works, more specifically short and feature documentaries, fictions, experimental films, but also installative works.
  • Carrying out activities and services that contribute to its members’ professionalization: production equipment rentals, distribution services, training activities, screenings, networking activities, and special projects.
  • Bringing together Québec City’ independent cinema community.
  • Developing structuring partnerships within the artistic and the social economy communities, on the local, provincial, national, and international levels.

Spira’s mandate is to be available and provide support at every step of a film project, from scripts to screenings, and to promote independent films to the public.


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