Our grants are intended to foster artistic creation among independent filmmakers in the province of Québec. To benefit from Spira’s support, projects must be independent and under the artist’s full editorial and creative control.

Spira awards three grants each year. They are attributed in conformity with its mission and equity policy. At least one grant is awarded to a woman and one to an artist from a minority group. Spira reserves the right not to award the grants if the submissions fail to meet the requirements established by the equity policy.
The equity policy identifies groups from the following minorities: 

• cultural diversity communities;

• deaf or disabled communities;

• official language minority communities;

• Native communities;

• LGBTQ2+ communities.

For more information, please refer to our equity policy.

The grant awarded to a woman filmmaker is named after LISE BONENFANT, a trailblazer who made her first steps with Vidéo Femmes and still cares deeply about the future of Québécois filmmaking.

Project submissions are analyzed by a committee of professionals and peers that includes 3 persons (1 from Spira’s staff, 2 Spira members). The selection is submitted to Spira’s board of administrators and considered final and without appeal. Spira will not tolerate solicitation or intimidation following the refusal of a project. Spira will be available for the artist, to share the jury’s comments and recommendations and discuss how the project could be improved.

Members of the selection committee are bound by Spira’s code of ethics and respect the confidentiality of the projects and fulfill their professional duties in good faith.

The following criteria guide the selection committee:
• The relevance of the project with regards to the artist’s path and Spira’s mandate.
• The clarity and originality of the proposal, the author’s point of view and the aesthetic treatment envisioned.
• The artist’s professional background and ability to carry out the project.
• The feasibility of the project in terms of the cast and crew’s experience, the budget and work schedule.



This program is only intended for professional emerging artists (of 5 years of practice or less), regardless of their age. It aims at fostering emerging practices or the production of a first or second 30-minute maximum professional work.


This program is designed for mid-established and confirmed professional artists (of more than 5 years of practice). It aims at fostering research, risk-taking and experimentation (in terms of both content and aesthetics), and allowing the artist to have a reflection on his/her process, through encounters with a professional who will enrich his/her research and process.

The artist fee offered as part of this program covers 2 to 3 weeks of work, but may be spread over a 2-year period. The artist is not expected to present a completed work at the end of the research, so there is no restriction in terms of film length.

Note: These programs are open to artists in the fields of film, media arts, visual arts, audio art, etc. The submission must be made in the context of a cinematographic project, in accordance with Spira’s mission.
These programs offer:
A $ 1500 grant
A $500 amount in expertise fee for a consultant. The grant recipient may choose the consultant depending on the specific needs of the project: scriptwriting, preproduction, production, postproduction. The selection of the expert and the conditions of the support sessions will have to be approved by Spira. A $500 amount devoted to sessions with a professional chosen by the artist. These sessions will allow for an unprecedented dialogue towards a reflection that will benefit the artist’s project or process. The selection of the expert and the conditions of the support sessions will have to be approved by Spira.
One to 3 hours in administrative support, through which the artist will get advice from Spira on some aspect of the management of his/her project.  
A 5-hour access to colorization services with the technician at only 5% of the regular cost.  
Critical viewing of the first edited version with a committee of peers.  
Free equipment rental*
Free access to the postproduction facility*
The work created in the context of this program will get at least one public presentation set up by Spira. A public presentation of the work carried out during the residency, set up by Spira, with a presentation fee.
All other costs pertaining to the production of the project are at the artist’s expense. All other costs, such as accommodation and living expenses during the creation process, are at the artist’s expense.
Submission form for Matière Première Submission form for RechercheS
Deadline : November 1st, 2021

* Depending on availability


  • These programs are not intended to offer the support found in production companies (coproduction management, Sodec submissions, etc.) but rather to foster independent creation, within predefined limits.
  • Promotional, corporate, student and educational videos, journalistic reports and videoclips are not considered independent author works, and thus non-eligible.
  • All the selected projects must be completed within two years from the date of signature of the agreement between the artist and Spira.
  • Spira reserves the first right of refusal on the distribution of the works produced with the support of the Matière Première program.
  • An artist can only benefit once from the Matière Première program. As for the RechercheS program, a project can only receive one grant, and the recipient can only receive one grant every two years.


  • A detailed project description (2 pages max, describing your reasons for submitting the project, its content, your mentoring needs, the impacts on your artistic process and professional path)
  • Depending on the advancing and the nature of the project: a script, treatment, or at least one drafted scene or segment
  • Artist statement (250 words)
  • Short biography (200 words)
  • Visual and sound treatment of the project (1 page max)
  • Curriculum vitae (3 pages max)
  • Production calendar (1 page max)
  • Simplified budget (1 page max, summarizing the sources of income and expenses)
  • 1 to 4 web links (Ex.: Vimeo, YouTube) to your prior productions (3 productions max)

Note: Incomplete files will not be submitted to the jury.

Please fill out the online form and send your file as a .pdf by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the name of the grant you are requesting.
Please contact Madeleine Aubin, artistic director, with any question.


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