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Nallua Christian Mathieu Fournier 2015


Christian Mathieu Fournier / 2015 / 76 min. / Canada / Inuktitut / FRENCH SUBS , ENGLISH SUBS


Ruth Sangria is the last survivor of the village of Qarmaarjuit who, in 1943, saw 24 people, more than half of her community, die in strange circumstances. More than half a century later, Ruth, accompanied by Elisapie, a member of the family who collected her at the time, returns to the scene of the tragedy, in the heart of Baffin Island, in the Canadian Far North.

Cast & Crew

Directing: Christian Mathieu Fournier
Screenplay: Christian Mathieu Fournier
Direction of photography: Christian Mathieu Fournier
Editing: René Roberge
Sound: Claude Beaugrand
Music: Betrand Chénier
Mixing sound: Louis Gignac




Human rights, History, Indigenous



After studying film at Laval University, his documentary filmmaking experience began in 2002 with the film Dying Offshore, which reflects the concerns of the Gaspé fishers of groundfish and Maudite machine! a human portrait of the universe of compulsive gamblers in the video poker lottery. In 2004, his film Make money, hi good evening! on the subject of berylliosis workers at the Noranda mine in Murdochville earned him the Audience Award and the Enviro Award at the Portneuf Film Festival on the Environment. He then continues with Leander Bergeron, with hopeless conviction (2008), a meeting with the nonconformist of a man, unshakeable in his desire for freedom and his struggle for the defense of his social, political and family.


Nallua / 76 min.

L'ange des Grondines / 62 min.

Léandre Bergeron, avec conviction sans espoir / 52 min.

Make money, salut bonsoir ! / 52 min.

Maudite machine ! / min.

Notes sur le film

Festivals :
Festival Présence autochtone, Canada
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, USA
Festival de cinéma de la ville de Québec, Canada
Festival Les Percéides, Canada
Indigenous Film & Arts Festival, USA
Babel Film Festival, Italy
Festival de films pour l'environnemental de Portneuf, Canada
Available Light Film Festival, Canada
Rendez-Vous Québec Cinéma, Canada
Ciné 7 - Festival du film de Sept-Îles, Canada
Cinoche - Festival du film international de Baie-Comeau, Canada
Festival International du Film Insulaire de Groix, France
Salles en 2016 :
Cinéma Le Clap : 5 au 12 février 2016
Cinéma Le Tapis Rouge (Trois-Rivières) : le 10 février 2016
Ciné-club Lasalle : 24 février 2016
Ciné-club Jonquière : 29 mars 2016
Festival de film de Portneuf sur l'environnement : 24 avril 2016


Photo Gallery -  Nallua Christian Mathieu Fournier 2015
Photo Gallery -  Nallua Christian Mathieu Fournier 2015
Photo Gallery -  Nallua Christian Mathieu Fournier 2015
Photo Gallery -  Nallua Christian Mathieu Fournier 2015

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