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Daniel Abraham & Pierre-Alexandre Girard / 2017 / 8 min. / Canada / FRENCH / SUBS ENGLISH


And to think Germain came to the emergency room to be diagnosed with depression....


Cast & Crew

  • Director : Dan & Pag (Daniel Abraham et Pierre-Alexandre Girard)
  • Screenplay : Christine Doyon
  • Cinematographer : Jean-Philippe Bernier
  • Editor : Julien Hurteau
  • Sound : Maxime Dumesnil
  • Music : Jean-Michel Blais
  • Sound Design : Jacob Gauthier-Robitaille
  • Sound Mix : Jacob Gauthier-Robitaille
  • Cast : Marc-André Coallier, LeLouis Courchesne et Pascale Renaud-Hébert




Fantasy, Mental Health

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Dan & PAG are directors based in Montreal working for the Mile Inn Collective. Since early 2017, their production company DTO FILMS is now a part of the MILE INN family as a boutique. This merger is a way for them to expand the possibilities by having many ressources at their hand. The opportunities are now all centralized.
They won “best directing” award at the Fantasia Short film fest with their first movie “The door” and “Refurbished” is their second short film. Both movies premiered at Regard sur le court métrage in Saguenay. "Refurbished" was part of the official selection. Dan & PAG also directed more than 40 music videos before making their first attempt in the short film industry.


- 2017 -
In Competition | REGARD – Saguenay International Short Film Festival, Canada
In Competition | Asiana Short Fest, South Korea

- 2018 -
In Competition | Rendez-Vous Québec Cinéma, Canada
In Competition | Longue vue sur le Court, Canada
In Competition | Fantasia Film Festival, Canada
In Competition | Gimli Film Festival, Canada
In Competition | FunCinema, Argentina
In Competition | Au Contraire Film Festival, Canada


 - 2018 -
Audience Award | Vues dans la tête de ..., Canada

Jury Prize | Cinémental, Canada


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