En festival The Act of Beauty Nicolas Paquet 2021

The Act of Beauty

Nicolas Paquet / 2021 / 68 min. / FRENCH / ENGLISH SUBS / Canada


Nestled at the heart of the Bic mountains, in this territory called Lower St. Lawrence, hides a community of wise people, audacious people taking root. The collective farm Sageterre is the work of Jean Bédard, writer, philosopher but most importantly, a peasant. His writing calls for action. His work on the land cultivates ideas. Jean Bédard fights to see a new, more humane world, rise.

Cast & Crew

Screenplay: Nicolas Paquet
Cinematographer: François Gamache, François Pesant, Nicolas Paquet
Editor: Natacha Dufaux
Sound: Guillaume Lévesque
Sound mix: Bruno Bélanger
Sound editor: Catherine Van Der Donckt
Music: Le Quatuor Saint-Germain




Agriculture and local, Literature, Philosophy



The independent filmmaker Nicolas Paquet produced in 2011 his first feature-length documentary – La règle d’or, followed by the feature-length films Ceux comme la terre, Esprit de cantine, Chef.fe.s de brousse and the short film Les sucriers, which were presented in numerous Canadian and international festivals. His creations document rural realities with authenticity, safeguarding a speaking space for the resistance of today.


La règle d'or / 75 min.

Ceux comme la terre / 73 min.

Esprit de cantine / 78 min.

Chef.fe.s de brousse / 70 min.


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