Encapsulated Feast

Frédéric Lacroix-Loiselle / 2021 / 20 min.

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Encapsulated Feast Frédéric Lacroix-Loiselle 2021


A man checks in at a hotel at the end of the day, then walks into a few bistros and bars where he eats and drinks to excess. He then returns to the hotel where he falls asleep and dream’s tumultuously.


Alimentation, Culture

Fiche technique

  • Réalisateur Frédéric Lacroix-Loiselle
  • Année 2021
  • Durée 20 min.
  • Genre Animation
  • Versions Version originale française, Version originale française sous-titrée en anglais
  • Son
  • Formats disponibles


  • Cinematographer, Frédéric Lacroix-Loiselle
  • Editor, Frédéric Lacroix-Loiselle
  • Sound, Frédéric Lacroix-Loiselle, Louis-François Richard
  • Sound mix, Guillaume Richard
  • Sound editor, Frédéric Lacroix-Loiselle, Louis-François Richard
  • Music, Louis-François Richard, Frédéric Lacroix-Loiselle
  • Artistic director, Frédéric Lacroix-Loiselle


After having completed college studies in visual arts, Frédéric decides to favor long stays abroad. The result was a self-taught practice with regard to large-format painting, which lasted a decade. In 2017, he began experimenting with the frame-by-frame animation medium by directing the short film Aracati, which will be completed in 2018. Since then, Frédéric has been working on a new animated project inspired by multiple trips to Japan: Encapsulated Feast.


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