Carole Laganière / 2018 / 8 min.

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  • Genre Documentaire
  • Versions Version originale française, Version originale française sous-titrée en anglais
  • Son Stéréo
  • Formats disponibles Apple Pro Res 422 HQ, H264, DCP, DVD


When Guillaume was born, his life expectancy was about four days. Today he’s eight years old and he doesn’t have much time left. His autism and love for music make Guillaume an exceptional being, who has got an intense joy of life. As if he knew that each moment could be the last one.


Enfance, Mort, Santé


Poste Nom
Director Carole Laganière
Cinematographer Carole Laganière
Editor Annie Deniel
Sound Sandy Pinteus
Sound editor Sandy Pinteus
Music Luc Sicard
Cast Guillaume Dubé, Lizanne Dubé, Martine St-Pierre


After several awarded works in fiction (Le mouchoir de poche, Jour de congé et Aline), Carole Laganière focuses mainly on documentary, a genre that allows her to combine social and artistic preoccupations. In 2002 and 2003, with La fiancée de la vie and Un toit, un violon, la lune, the filmmaker wins successively Best Documentary at Toronto’s Hot Docs. Vues de l’est (2004), L’Est pour toujours (2010), then Absences (2013), which involves the director’s mother and her Alzheimer’s disease, all confirm the maturity of an artist who has got a loving and incisive eye. In 2014, she directs and produces Des adieux, on the end-of-life in a palliative care house, then Un printemps incertain, a fictional short movie inspired by the film Des adieux in 2015. In 2017, she completes Quartiers sous tension, on the gentrification phenomenon, then continues with Sylvie à l'école, in 2018, the portrait of a school teacher and her unusual class.


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