Jimmy G. Pettigrew / 2017 / 12 min.

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  • Genre Documentaire, Fiction
  • Versions Version originale française
  • Son Stéréo
  • Formats disponibles Apple Pro Res 422 HQ, H264, Blu-Ray, DCP, DVD


Carlos, a recent convict, is followed by a film crew on his release from prison. Carlos will share his ambitions, his plans for the future and his philosophy on life. He will insist to resume contact with Poppy, his ex-girlfriend.




Poste Nom
Direction and Screenplay Jimmy G. Pettigrew
Music Antoine Binette Mercier
Sound Ludovic Fleury
Mixing sound Ludovic Fleury
Actors Michel Blackburn, Camille Proust


Jimmy G. Pettigrew graduated from the film and television school of Quebec City in 2006 with a diploma in directing in a beautiful little setting. He immediately founded with his colleague Francis Fortier the collective Ta boite insolente! where he produces, writes, realizes and sets up the group's capsules for the web. Since then, he has independently produced and directed short films, medium-length films and fictional essays. Jimmy participates in various creative labs across the province while earning his bread in graphic design, illustration and teaching his art. Since about 4 years he is cinema coordinator for young people in difficulty. He then founded the collective Life is beautiful! which presents exclusive film screenings to the quarters.

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