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Elias Djemil-Matassov / 2022 / 9 min. / Canada / FSD / Canada


Chiaroscuro… it is between the light and the dark that life operates in contrasts. Between the puppeteer and the puppet. Between shadow and light. The hands, moving or static, bring and transmit emotions. A reciprocal relationship between the puppet and those who give it life, emotions flow in both directions. It is the story of the memory that is born and that dies. But memory rarely dies, to tell the truth.

Cast & Crew

  • Screenplay : Elias Djemil-Matassov, Elizabeth Crispo, Jean-Philippe Nadeau Marcoux
  • Cinematographer : Stéphane Thériault
  • Editor : Elias Djemil-Matassov
  • Sound mix : Guido Del Fabbro
  • Sound editor : Guido Del Fabbro
  • Music : Guido Del Fabbro
  • Artistic director : Jean-Nicolas Demers
  • Cast : José Babin, Nadine Walsh, Alain Lavallée
  • Production : Alain Lavallée / Théâtre Incliné


Experimental, Fiction




Elias Djemil is a multi-disciplinary artist and a curious human. Not limited to any register or technique, his artistic reflection takes shape above all via the universal medium of the image: "The image, of all kinds, frozen in time or in movement, invented from scratch or inspired by real, always brings us not only towards ourselves, but especially towards the other ”. Torn between his love of figurative and abstract art, his approach is refined over fifteen short films and ten music videos awarded internationally as director and designer.


  • 2018
    Franciszka / 7 min.
  • 2016
    Sarah / 7 min.


- 2022 -
In competition | Festival International du Film sur l'Art (FIFA), Canada
In competition | Festival du cinéma de la ville de Québec, Canada
In competition | VAF Viborg International Animation Festival, Denmark
In competition | Festival International D'Art Vidéo de Casablanca, Maroc
In competition | Traverse Vidéo, France

Director's statement

Looking for the universal poetry of humanity is a lifelong search. Project by project I pursue this goal; each encounter, film and photograph brings me closer. We all have our own aspirations, ambitions, and responses to the world. We all are on a path to find our own truth, one that aligns with our values, culture and vision. With my camera, I have the privilege of meeting a lot of people. As I look at them through my lens, I seek this universal poetry.
Every person is a poem waiting to be heard.

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