En festival L'abattu des vents Félix-Antoine Garneau-Chouinard 2021

L'abattu des vents

Félix-Antoine Garneau-Chouinard / 2021 / 5 min. / Canada / Film without speech


Alone on a secluded island, a lightkeeper is prisoner of his own madness.


Cast & Crew

Screenplay: Félix-Antoine Garneau-Chouinard
Cinematographer: Anthony Labrecque, Alexandre Desjardins, Félix-Antoine Garneau-Chouinard, Jérôme Collin et Maxime Giard
Editor: Félix-Antoine Garneau-Chouinard
Sound mix: Zachary Gilbert
Sound editor: Zachary Gilbert
Music: Zachary Gilbert
Artistic director: Anthony Labrecque, Alexandre Desjardins, Félix-Antoine Garneau-Chouinard, Jérôme Collin et Maxime Giard




Mental Health


The “L’abattu des vents” team was formed in 2019, after the second year for the team members at the Baccalauréat en Art et Science de L’Animation of the Laval University. Having all worked together on different animation projects during school, they decided to team up for their graduation project. It is their passion for experimental cinema, immersive atmosphere and their desire to create a unique visual universe that guided them through the production of “L’abattu des vents”.

The movie L’abattu des vents is our graduation film from the arts and science of the animation bachelor’s degree at Laval university. This is our second short movie as a team. The movie is inspired a lot by The Lighthouse from Robert Eggers. This work was a common reference that allowed us to develop as far as possible the search for a particular aesthetic and atmosphere. The five of us had the vision of a computer generated movie with a stop-motion look. This translated into a clay puppet-looking character living in realistic environments. The animation is fluid, but the expression changes are jerky, reminding those of stop-motion animation. The movie was entirely produced remotely.

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