Free Not Your Panda Tigris Alt Sakda 2018

Not Your Panda

Tigris Alt Sakda / 2018 / 5 min. / Canada / ENGLISH


One of anthropocene's charismatic megafauna - Ailuropoda melanoleuca : "... and if I hear anyone else say 'isn't he cute'..."

Cast & Crew

Direction: Tigris Alt Sakda
Screenplay: Tigris Alt Sakda
Cinematographer: Tigris Alt Sakda
Editing: Tigris Alt Sakda
Sound: Tigris Alt Sakda
Sound mix: Tigris Alt Sakda
Sound editing: Tigris Alt Sakda
Music: Tigris Alt Sakda
Artistic direction: Tigris Alt Sakda




Social struggles, Animals


Tigris, blue banner Manchu, is born in Bejing and moved to Canada as a teen. She first studied biology and anthropology, later found herself graduating in film animation. She lives and works in Montreal.


Ecosystem and climate change / 4 min.

Immortals in the sky / 5 min.

Citrus paradisi / 11 min.

108 Payer beads / 8 min.

Fini / 2 min.


- 2018 -
Gold Award Best Animation Short | Mindfield Film Festival Albuquerque, USA
In Competition | Green Screen Environmental Film Festival, Trinidad-and-Tobago
In Competition | Sommets du cinéma d'animation, Canada
In Competition | Anilogue International Animation Festival, Hungary

- 2019 -
In Competition | Cinema on the Bayou, USA
In Competition | Rendez-Vous Quebec Cinema, Canada
Special Screening | Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival - Talent Tout Court, France
Special Screening | Longue vue sur le court, Canada
In Competition | Breakthroughs Film Festival, Canada
In Competition | Festival du Film d’Animation d'Annecy, France
In Competition | Palm Springs Short Fest, USA
In Competition | Kinemastic, Malta
In Competition | Odense International Film Festival, Denmark
In Competition | I Castelli Animati Festival, Italy
Semi-Finalist | Minikino Film Week, Indonesia
In Competition | Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, Canada
In Competition | Short Short Story Film Festival, USA

- 2020 -
In Competition | Victoria Film Festival, Canada
In Competition | Stockholm Experimental and Animation Film Festival, Sweden
In Competition | Women Media Art and Film Festival, Australia


- 2018 -
Gold Award Best Animation Short | Mindfield Film Festival Albuquerque, USA


Photo Gallery -  Not Your Panda Tigris Alt Sakda 2018
Photo Gallery -  Not Your Panda Tigris Alt Sakda 2018

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