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Midwife man

Martine Asselin / 2018 / 64 min. / 52 min. / Canada / FRENCH / ENGLISH SUBS


Louis Maltais loves challenges. At 27, this ex-circus artist begins his training to become the first male midwife in Quebec. During 4 years, the movie follows Louis on his initiatory journey. Beyond midwifery, it tells a universal tale. A tale of transformation, about a man who, despite ordeals, doubts, and misconceptions, is determined to live out his passion.

Cast & Crew

Director: Martine Asselin
DOP: Marie Davignon / Philippe Chaumette / Olivier Gilbert / Gabriele Kislat / Martine Asselin
Editing: Josiane Lapointe
Sound: Roger Guérin
Music: Simon Bellefleur
Interpreter: Louis Maltais
Production: Productions Triangle




Health, Work



In 1997, having just completed her film studies, Martine leaves for a trip around the world in order to direct her first documentary film. Her passion for travels and her curiosity has never left her, translating even in her approach and allowing her to easily navigate through genres: documentary, fiction, experimentation, animation. Interested in how people find their true self while facing challenges, she tries to tell personal stories in a universal way. Her work is shown in festivals worldwide and on television.


Un trou dans la jambe / 4 min.

Visages du cybersexe / 45 min.

Démasquées... Les beautés / 45 min.

Ceux qui sont là / 86 min.

Québec, lieu de passage / 52 min.


- 2019 -
In Competition | Rendez-Vous Cinéma Québec, Canada
In Competition | Festival des Films du Monde de Sherbrooke, Canada
In Competition | Voir en perspective, Canada
In Competition | Festival du Film de Saint-Séverin, Canada
In Competition | Festival du Cinéma Québécois de Biscarosse, France
In Competition | Festival de Films Féministes, Canada

- 2020 -
In Competition | Cinema on the Bayou, USA
Special Screening | Mois de la Francophonie, USA


Photo Gallery -  Midwife man Martine Asselin 2018
Photo Gallery -  Midwife man Martine Asselin 2018
Photo Gallery -  Midwife man Martine Asselin 2018

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