Bras de fer

Jean-Laurence et Jonathan Seaborn / 2017 / 77 min.

Bras de fer Jean-Laurence et Jonathan Seaborn 2017


On October 26, 2012, a red dust covers the neighborhood of Limoilou, in Quebec City, where Véronique Lalande and her husband Louis Duchesne live with their one-year-old boy. Iron oxide, nickel, zinc, arsenic and other heavy metals fall on the district close to the Port of Quebec, where the multinational Stevedoring transports the largest nickel amount in North America. Véronique Lalande calls, writes, speak out her indignation; she is not afraid to fight for a healthy environment.


Social struggles, Environment, Québec

Data sheet

  • Director Jean-Laurence et Jonathan Seaborn
  • Year 2017
  • Length 77 min.
  • Genre Documentary
  • Versions Original French version, Original French version with English subtitles
  • Sound 5.1
  • Available formats Apple Pro Res 422 HQ, H264, Blu-Ray, DCP, DVD
  • Website

Cast & Crew

  • Direction, Jean-Laurence et Jonathan Seaborn
  • Screenplay, Jean-Laurence Seaborn
  • Direction of photography, Jonathan Seaborn
  • Editing, Jonathan Seaborn
  • Sound, Jean-Laurence Seaborn
  • Music, APM
  • Making sound, Jonathan Seaborn
  • Mixing sound, Jonathan Seaborn
  • Production, Les Films by the Sea
Photo Gallery -  Bras de fer Jean-Laurence et Jonathan Seaborn 2017 Photo Gallery -  Bras de fer Jean-Laurence et Jonathan Seaborn 2017 Photo Gallery -  Bras de fer Jean-Laurence et Jonathan Seaborn 2017


The Seaborn brothers made their debut in social documentary film in the 2000s. Using direct cinema, they create powerful bonds with their protagonists, giving rise to images and testimonies without barriers. It is through cinema that they participate in social causes. They highlight unusual characters that mark the Quebec landscape. They brought to the screen the reality of injecting drug users in the movie Pas de piquerie in my neighborhood broadcasted on Télé-Québec in January 2012. They also developed a solid expertise in documentary post-production, signing more than forty documentaries unique and a dozen documentary series for television. From 2013 to 2016, they followed Véronique Lalande's citizen approach against heavy metal dust emissions from the Port of Québec. With the recent support of SODEC, the film Arms of Iron will be brought to the big screen, continuing the logical continuation of the work of the two brothers, a committed cinema, charged with emotion and veracity.


- 2017 -
In Competition | Festival International du Film des Droits de l’Homme, France

- 2018 -
In Competition | Millenium Festival, Belgium
In Competition | Festival de films pour l’environnement, Canada
In Competition | Les Percéides, Canada
In Competition | Festival de Cinéma Québécois des Grands Lacs, France
In Competition | Innsbruck Nature Film Festival, Austria
In Competition | Escales Documentaires, France
In Competition | Cinema on the Bayou, USA


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