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Includes the films distributed by Spira as well as works from the Vidéo Femmes collection

Between : and min.
Anne-Marie Bouchard 2018 5 min.

“There is only one moral worth in this story, one essential fact: we are nothing but ridiculous sparks in the light of the universe. May we have the wisdom not to forget it.”

- Hubert Reeves

Fannie Giguère 2018 3 min.

The viewer plunges into an abstract universe that transports him to the liking of images and sounds, to a surprising reality.


Elias Djemil 2018 7 min.

1943, a revolt broke out at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Among the resistants, a famous polish ballerina. It is said that she disarmed a cruel SS officer with the simple grace of a ballet movement. Only her story has survived until today. Her name was Franciszka Mann.

Jean-Marc E.Roy 2018 71 min.

Des histoires inventées (Imaginary Tales) is a documentary feature best described as the portrait of an author about and with André Forcier. It is the story of an exceptional and undeniable filmmaker in our national cinema's landscape and a pillar at the heart of its identity.

Martine Asselin 2018 64 min.

Louis Maltais loves challenges. At 27, this ex-circus artist begins his training to become the first male midwife in Quebec. During 4 years, the movie follows Louis on his initiatory journey. Beyond midwifery, it tells a universal tale. A tale of transformation, about a man who, despite ordeals, doubts, and misconceptions, is determined to live out his passion.

Justine Gauthier 2018 11 min.


For the first time since her divorce, a mother welcomes her two kids into her modest new flat. Her son’s liveliness and her daughter’s questions make for a weekend that wavers between tension and tenderness.

Alexis Fortier-Gauthier 2017 9 min.

An indigenous artist presents his work at a viewing in the city. Overcoming the feeling he is instrumentalized by the well-intentioned gallery owner, he sparks interest in potential buyers. He returns to his community, proud to have proven his talent.

Nadine Beaudet et Christian Mathieu Fournier 2017 79 min.

In the region of Portneuf, an encounter is slowly unveiled between the here and there, and comes to life through the long wait and small gestures of love of the Saint-Ubalde Sponsoring Committee, who works tirelessly towards the ultimate dream of welcoming a family of Syrian refugees.

Julien Bouthillier 2017 7 min.

During the Feria of Nîmes, a bullfight is filmed from the perspective of the animal, relegating the matador and public to off-screen spectators. A ritual at the frontiers of mysticism, carried by the sacrificial figure of the bull, revealer of our humanity.

Martin Bureau 2017 6 min.

The Bonfires are huge "bonfires" lit in Northern Ireland on July 12 each year by Protestants, in the context of the Battle of the Boyne celebrations, which took place in 1690. Composed of wooden pallets, of tires and rubbish, they represent identity affirmation for Protestants, arrogance and humiliation for Catholics.

Jean-Laurence et Jonathan Seaborn 2017 77 min.

On October 26, 2012, a red dust covers the neighborhood of Limoilou, in Quebec City, where Véronique Lalande and her husband Louis Duchesne live with their one-year-old boy. Iron oxide, nickel, zinc, arsenic and other heavy metals fall on the district close to the Port of Quebec, where the multinational Stevedoring transports the largest nickel amount in North America. Véronique Lalande calls, writes, speak out her indignation; she is not afraid to fight for a healthy environment.

Philippe David Gagné et Jean-Marc E.Roy 2017 22 min.

A young woman returns to her home town after the death of her father. As a single daughter, she must empty the house of her father, who was a compulsive accumulator (or hoarder). She will then revisit, through the various stacks of objects, the life of her father, trying to find out what her specific place is among this multitude of memories.

Jeanne Leblanc 2017 8 min.

As a heat wave hits Montreal, Andres and his friends get together for a soccer game. This afternoon, that seemed to be like any other of this summer's afternoons, is disrupted by the appearance of Kevin, a player who had vanished for days.

Marie-Claude Fournier 2017 12 min.

"I do not regret," said Vivianne Gauthier sitting on the bed of her room where she has been sleeping for more than eighty years. A singular, strong, disciplined and energetic woman, this choreographer and dance teacher led her life as she saw fit then marking the cultural history of her country Haiti. This film offers an overview of his life through the visit of his house, a "Gingerbread House" where every nook is full of memories. Here is the portrait of an endearing woman demonstrating a face of Haiti that we know too little.

Jimmy G. Pettigrew 2017 12 min.

Carlos, a recent convict, is followed by a film crew on his release from prison. Carlos will share his ambitions, his plans for the future and his philosophy on life. He will insist to resume contact with Poppy, his ex-girlfriend.

Matthieu Brouillard 2017 79 min.

Friends Christian, 63, and Bruce, 71, each have their burden to bear: Christian suffers from a genetic condition that severely impairs his vision and makes his skin hypersensitive to sunlight, while Bruce is hard of hearing and bipolar. But both men share a dream: to fly, defy gravity, rise up against the limitations of their bodies. As a very thorough and rational person, Christian has mastered the techniques of paragliding, and, after years of struggle, he has been given permission to fly on his own. He is now persuading the more erratic and turbulent Bruce to do the same and follow him all the way to Mont Blanc. An intimate and unsettling portrait of two non-conforming individuals, this documentary with Beckettian undertones takes us on a bracing journey into luminous celestial heights and the dark intricacies of the human psyche.

Jimmy G. Pettigrew 2017 20 min.

A junk dealer is trapped inside a terribly unhealthy love triangle. He sinks into a fantasy world to avoid this horrible reality and he will try to finally show who he really is.    

Joannie Lafrenière 2017 47 min.

SNOWBIRDS is a mid-length documentary that reaches out to golden age Canadians living in Florida during the winter season. This is the growing trend of an entire generation migrating to the tropics, seeking a leisure society that can entertain them.

Alexandre Auger et Alexis Fortier Gauthier 2017 18 min.

A medium receives three clients who came to talk about their problems. She's trying to help them as best as she can.

Claudia Hébert 2017 20 min.

A man, a women, a cabin and a piano


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